Whether you have 10 or 100 guests, we can provide your meats, sides, sauces and all of your disposables*. We usually can create your order within 24 hours but any advance notice is always helpful, especially for larger parties. We are open for pick-up at 11:00 am, Monday through Saturday. We are closed on Sundays. At this time, delivery is not available. Larger orders of hot, prepared meats and sides can be packed in a returnable insulated carrying bag, along with hot pads to keep your food hot and service-ready for up to four hours. Bags must be returned with the hot pads within three days.


We recommend 6-8 ounces of meat per person. You need to consider your guest list: If you have children coming, you may lower the total amount of meat to order. If you are hoping for leftovers, and who isn’t, then add a bit. The total amount of meat can be divided between your meat selections but keep in mind, any amount less than two pounds may look a little skimpy on a buffet line.

how MANY sides do I need?

We recommend choosing at least two sides for your meal. Consider each served portion to be 4-5 ounces, so about 10 ounces of sides per person. You can always offer a third or fourth side choice. Our pans hold approximately enough for 20-22 servings each. We also have a quart container (32 ounces) which yields 5-7 servings.

We can provide your choice of BBQ sauce in 8 or 12 ounce squeeze bottles. We recommend 4 ounces of sauce per pound of meat.

* Disposables are available for purchase and include a heavy-duty paper plate, large three-ply dinner napkin, plastic fork, knife, spoon, towelette and salt and pepper packet.


You are having an event with 30 people coming, all adults. You want Brisket, Chicken and Pulled Pork. Here is how to calculate how much to order:

30 x 6 (ounces) = 180 ounces Divide by 16 (ounces in one pound) = 11 ¼ lbs meat

Round up or down, for example here we will round down to 11 pounds of meat.

Brisket 5 lbs x $18.95 = $94.75
Chicken 3 lbs x $16.25 = $48.75
Pork 3 lbs x $16.25 = $48.75

You want to offer your guests two sides each. You choose potato salad and macaroni and cheese. You will need a total of 60 servings of sides. Each of our large catering pans yield approximately 20 servings each. We suggest you order a pan of potato salad plus two quarts and a pan of macaroni and cheese plus two quarts.

Pan Potato Salad = $39.95
Pan Mac n’ Cheese = $39.95
Quart Potato Salad x 2 = $26.50 ($13.25 each)
Quart Mac n’ Cheese x 2= $16.50 ($13.25 each)